Designer’s Choice – Making a case for the ONLY choice in flowers!

Sending someone flowers?  Having a hard time selecting from all the choices on all the websites?  Too many pictures? Confused?  We sure are!

Uninformed consumers constantly are placing orders for flowers from pictures online and then complain that the flowers do not “look like the picture”.  They never will and it is an unrealistic expectation to think that they should.  Here is why:  Flowers are natural living blossoms that are not all made from a mold.  The pictures were taken in a studio under the perfect conditions and designed to entice you to place an order by screaming “me! me! buy me!”.  Some websites are so dishonest that they will “photoshop”  adding colors and emphasis to the flowers so as you will buy something that really is impossible to recreate.

Florists are artisans.  They are artists, they design, they have attitudes (like a chef in a kitchen cooking with a dose of imagination).  Floral designers learn to imagine, create and combine colors and textures to make something bespoke (unique, custom) just for you.  Florists are trained to make compositions that are one of a kind (not from a mold) and are made once  and never to be made the same again.  It goes against the grain of a true designer to ask him to copy a picture.

Can you ask a designer to copy the flavor and design style of a photograph? – Yes… all day long.  To copy and recreate with exactness?  hardly ever and with ZERO job satisfaction.  Do you really want flowers for your loved one made  by someone who hates what they do? Pictures to be copied (especially the ones in the silly little containers with smiley faces) take away the art, the creativity and the spontaneity that the designer has trained an entire lifetime for.

Starbright Floral Design, like every other florist these days, has a million photographs on our e-commerce portal for you to choose from and “yes” we will always do our best to recreate the photo (always adding some spunk, spontaneity and our own style) .  It was a business decision that we had to make and we have offered flowers in the photo-catalog format displaying options for the past ten years… BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU that we did not become the highest rated (by Citysearch and others) florist in Manhattan by being the best at copying photos!  Rather, in the crowded and highly stylized island that we live on where there is a new “in style” every afternoon, we committed ourselves to impeccable  customer service and amazing styles with fresh blooms.

Designer’s Choice goes viral online!!!!

We are now offering that very creativity to our online clients with a twist… We are  taking the leap to ask you to trust us.  Let the inspiration of the moment dictate the flowers that your bouquet will have.  Don’t stress over the decision of “do I like the Sunset Blooms or the Pretty Paradise?”.   What really matters is  that your special someone receives flowers that are fresh, last a long-long time are stylized but not contrived.  They should remind the person of you and your great taste.  It is like having your own personal chef in the kitchen cooking just for you .  You never know what he will come up with, but you know it will be good!

Designer’s Choice Modern and Designer’s Choice Traditional are two new categories on our website that are designed to intrigue, surprise and give  you our very best.  Even if Starbright Floral Design (that is us) is not your florist, if you know someone who has built a name and has a reputation for flair, then PLEASE do not cripple their creativity with a picture.  Just tell them:  “Whip me up something great! She loves pink and green flowers!”

Designer’s Choice is a matter of trust and trust has to be earned.  We invite you  to give us a call and take a leap of faith!

Starbright Floral Design was started in 1994 and is  the most reviewed florist on-line by all the major review sites.  We deliver amazing flowers all over the place and at times that you would not think it is possible to get flowers on a same-day basis.  Give us a call, visit our online event gallery or pop on by!  We would love to meet you!



The Official Florist


Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

We are a team of dedicated professionals all entering as one. Starbright Floral Design is the company we are all a part of. The Official Florist sometimes is a designer, or a flower buyer, a partner, the marketing department or sometimes the guy who delivered your flowers! We invite you to visit our website and stay in touch...

5 thoughts on “Designer’s Choice – Making a case for the ONLY choice in flowers!”

  1. As a florist in Boston, we entrust Nic and his staff for all our Manhattan needs. From Times Square to Wall Street, Nic and his staff do a great job as New York’s premier florist.

  2. This is exactly why when it comes to working with Starbright, it is always Designers’ Choice. Even for my wedding, although I did point out things I did and didn’t like, I wasn’t completely sure what was showing up on the big day. Have NEVER been disappointed by Nic and his team.

  3. When you are sending flowers to loved one, what really matters is that loved one receives flowers that are fresh. The flowers which last a long-long time are stylized but not contrived. Then you need to choose florist who pack them really well.

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