April Birth Flower: The Daisy-The most commonly picked flower by slaves?

Welcome to the fourth month in the calendar… Another birth flower has arrived.  With springtime everywhere, we are introducing the flower of the month of April (and for those of you who have been following us, this is no April Fool’s joke) – The flower of the month is the common daisy.  Read on!


The Everyday Daisy - April's Flower of the Month



Daisies belong to the Asteraceae plant family.   The Asteraceae family dates back fifty million years and includes over twenty thousand varieties. The family name derives from the Greek Aster, meaning a star shape.  The name daisy derives from the phrase Day’s Eye.  It’s a reference to the English daisies routine of closing their petals at night and opening again at daylight.  The Daisy’s meaning is said to be purity and innocence.  However, to Roman soldiers it often meant the difference between life and death.  The English daisy was widely used by the Romans for its astringent properties. Roman armies would have their slaves pick daisies incessantly in order to extract the juice.  Bandages were soaked in this juice and would help bind battle wounds.  Today the phrase just out picking daisies is not in reference to some forced labor but rather to depict a relaxing free time experience.  The term pushing daisies refers to the wild flowers that would sprout in the mound of dirt covering a fresh grave and signifies death.

English daisies have white, off-white, or sometimes slightly pink star-spread petals and a yellow center, with green stems and leaves.  Many varieties of daisies are clearly identifiable members of the daisy family with the typical English daisy appearance, such as the Shasta Daisy or Chrysanthemum.   Others like the popular Gerbera daisy (African daisy) have some of the identifiable traits such as central florets.  You can find its flowers in yellow, orange, pink, peach and red; they are prized for their large heads, long outer petals and intense colors. Dahlias, however, have the star-shaped petals without central florets.   Other varieties of daisies aren’t even flowers but edible plants such as artichokes.

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