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Just this past week we had the opportunity to work with the Etheopian World Federation (an NGO based inside the United Nations Headquarters in New York City).  A memorial service  was held and we donated the flowers for the Meditation Center at the UN.  While we are extremely proud of every donation that we make and every cause/event that we are a part of, this one was very dear to us.  It is always an honor for us to help and to assist those that need it the most and those who are not the popular or “in” charities that easily obtain funds and donations. Below are the thoughts that were shared with us by our client…

Hello Mr.  Faitos
The Ethiopian World Federation just wants to thank you for your donation.

On July 30th at the United Nations Meditation Center The “YEWMBA” Ye Ethiopia Wiyen Mahber Be Alem celebrated the Birth and life of Emporer Haile Selassie. The Memorial for Emperor Haile Salassie was a memorable and inspiring celebration of  a great king and African pioneer. He was a man that stood for international Human Rights and Africa’s Human rights. He believed that in order for a country to prosper there must be modernization and centralization. In honor of his legacy Delegates from the Ethiopian Federation attended the ceremony along with many spectators. Highlighting the celebration three dozen beautiful white roses was the center piece signifying spiritual love and respect. We will all remember his movement, his voice, his struggle and his courage.

Pamela Vera
(917) 536 – 6465
Ad Hoc Unit Coordinator
New York City Headquarters
Ethiopian World Federation

Ethiopian World Federation
In United Nations-ECOSOC Consultative Status
P.O. Box 2382 – New York, NY 10027
NYC: Tele: 1-646-201-3372
Email: or
Web: or

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  1. very cool, nic.
    i truly enjoy reading about your exploits in Starlight Blooming Thoughts.
    keep up the great work. enjoy the day…and make every second count!

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