Starbright Goes to School… Kindergarten to be exact!

It is rare that you can have this much fun at work!  It is even more  rare when you can say that the work you do is this rewarding….  About a week ago a bunch of folks from the Starbright team, headed down the block in our neighborhood to a local school and spent some time with some really young farmers and gardeners.

School children at that young age can really change your  perspective  with the way they see  things and their eagerness to learn.  The questions they ask and the curiosities that they seek to satisfy.  For the rest of the school year they will watch their seedlings grow and their imagination will run wild.  Going to the farmer’s market will never  be the same for them, the plant that they will help mom water on their terrace, or the impatiens outside their building will have a whole new meaning.

Truth be told this experience  has a whole new meaning for us too.  Spending the day in the classroom enlightened our team on what the true rewards in life really are.  Our hats are off to their teachers who spend so much time and are  so dedicated to their daily lives.  Thank you for sharing such a moment with us.  We were enlightened and we learned more  than you can imagine!

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