The Hotel Experience Awards

A photo op with the award winners and presenters
Catching up with great friends at the Westin Times Square table...

On Monday night the 1st of February the top hotels in New York City were honored for their achievements in travel, tourism and service to all those who visit our great city.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly received a lifetime achievement award.  New York City is now “Officially the Safest Big City” in America (and probably the world)!

Hotel honors were given for everything from the Best Overall Hotel Experience , The Concierge Desk of the Year, and even the Most Family Friendly Hotel in all of New York (both big and small).  Yes, we have hotels in all sizes in New York!

Starbright was honored to be a sponsor of the Hotel Experience Awards this year and for every year since their inception (the better part of a decade).  The awards evening was held at Cipriani’s Wall Street and there were well over 500 in attendance.  Many have called this event “The Oscars of the Hospitality Industry” and I for one attending last night agree.   It was a fun night, a night of making new friends and catching up with old ones.

Floral decor was provided by our very own Creative Team at Starbright.  We presented a short cylinder vase with a ti leaf wrapped on the inside (so that the water and the stems were not visible).  Each centerpiece had twenty stems of balm dendrobium orchids and about ten stems of vanda orchids (in lavender).

To top off the evening?  It was my personal honor to be selected to give the award to The Most Family Friendly Hotel in the over 500 room category.  The Marriott Marquis won this category and it was a dream come true when my close personal friend George Ntim (Director of Guest Relations) received the award on behalf of the property.

The complete press release and better photos of the event will be on this scribe soon… But for now – enjoy!

You can always find Starbright Floral Design at  We are known as “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”.  Starbright offers the highest quality blooms imaginable and compositions of flowers that come from all five continents.  Gift-giving deliveries can be made anywhere in New York City (in most cases within an hour) and beyond Manhattan pretty much anywhere.  In addition, we have decorated for some of the most amazing events that have ever taken place  in all of New York’s venues… To learn a bit more about the work that we do, give us a call or visit our website!

Click on THIS LINK to learn more about IN NEW YORK and all the great work they do.  We love ’em!

Nic – “The Official Florist”

Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

We are a team of dedicated professionals all entering as one. Starbright Floral Design is the company we are all a part of. The Official Florist sometimes is a designer, or a flower buyer, a partner, the marketing department or sometimes the guy who delivered your flowers! We invite you to visit our website and stay in touch...

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  1. Fantastic, Nic. We, at Delaware Valley/Transflora, are thrilled for you and to be part of your floral solution.
    Enjoy the day…and make every second count!

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